Volunteers always needed to assist with a  variety of programs and projects.  Donations of time, money, supplies, and books for our annual auction always welcome. We encourage new ideas and suggestions.  Please contact us for more details.

Circulation Desk

Hosting Friday Morning Coffee Cafe'

Community Garden: Gardening / Local Food Pantry Support

Annual 4th of July Book Sale: 

Donation Organization / Sale Day Set Up - Breakdown

Community events: EasterEgg Hunt, Trick or Trunk, Waterford Christmas

Host a Story-time or other activity for children

Community Outreach/Book Delivery to shut-ins

Assist/Develop a new Program or Event

Assist/Develop Fundraising Events

Assist with Grant Writing

Become a Trustee

Building/ Grounds Maintainence

Volunteer Opportunities

Circulation Desk


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Help patrons check books in and out and help describe the various library services we offer. 

Annual 4th of July Book Sale


Every 4th of July we have a big, on-site BOOK SALE. Volunteers needed to organize before, during, and after. Great way to get first dibs.

Annual Community Events


Volunteers always needed at our annual Community Events: Summer FUN'd Raider, Easter Egg-Hunt, Halloween Trunk or Treat, and Waterford Community Christmas.

Community Garden


Each year fresh vegetables are grown behind the library in in raised beds. Volunteers needed to prep, plant, weed, harvest, deliver food and donations to 2 local food pantry's.

Friday Coffee Cafe'


Every Friday morning, devoted volunteers host this popular social event by setting up the Keurig and bringing yummy snacks.

Meet your neighbors, make new friends

Special Programs


We are always open to new ideas.

Would you like to read to children?

Community Garden


Waterford Library Community Garden

 2019  Community garden finished  up  with  winter squash,  cucumber plants,  as well as some herbs and tomatoes in the beds.   A total of 53 pounds of beans and 25 pounds of cucumbers and summer squash were delivered to the food pantries by Carol Rothenberg.  Most went to Harrison as the Sweden schedule is bi- weekly and we had veggies that needed to go somewhere  quickly.

Due to lack of rain, and hungry tiny visitors, 2018 was a leaner year. No amount of watering could compensate for scorching daytime temperatures. The smaller harvest was discouraging, but lessons were learned. We remain optimistic about production for 2019.

2016-2017  History


The Waterford Library Community Garden did spectacularly well last year harvesting 278 lbs of produce from two backyard raised beds and even more from the squash mounds.
The Sweden Food Pantry told us produce went out as fast as it came in.  People really appreciated all those fresh vegetables.  With that in mind, Geraldine O’Donnell, President of the Library Trustees, pursued the idea of assembling garden kits to go.  The Maine Community Foundation agreed and funded the project with nearly $2000!
The grant paid for wooden kits purchased from Red Mill Lumber in Casco.  Bags of organic soil were also provided through the grant.  Veggie and herb seedlings were also donated by Jane Trail, Kimball’s Greenhouse, and from Geraldine’s own garden.
Due to an overwhelming response, a special drawing was held for for the garden kits. Dan Drew, a local contractor, Jane Traill, Bob Spencer, and Geri delivered the kits to all those selected.


Sweden Food Pantry   OPEN: 11 am-1 pm
1st and 3rd Wednesdays​​

Sweden Community Church  Rte.93 /137 Bridgton Rd.  

Sweden, ME 04040 



Harrison Food Bank  

OPEN:  6 pm-7:30 pm  

every Tuesday 

Harrison VFW HALL   Rte. 35/ 176 Waterford Road Harrison, ME 04040  ​207-890-9742 harrisonfoodbank@gmail.com